Case Studies

Personal Injury

  • Mediated wrongful death action involving a county sheriff high speed chase with flashing red light but no siren based on alleged illegal u-turn without a signal, which lead to the pursued vehicle losing control, crashing into another vehicle, leading to the death of the driver and passenger of that other vehicle.
  • Mediated design and manufacturing defect product liability dispute arising from a single usage in which blender blade injured the finger of the consumer, lacerating a tendon requiring surgery and physical therapy. The product manufacturer alleged that plaintiff failed to properly read and follow the safety instructions and warnings in the owners’ guide before using the blender.
  • Mediated equitable indemnity and contribution claims brought by transportation company against its customer, a medical equipment provider, relating to an $8 million settlement paid to a pedestrian injured by a delivery truck operating under a contract with the transportation company, transporting medical equipment to one of the customers of the medical equipment company.
  • Mediated vehicle collision matter leading to property damage which exceeded defendant’s policy limits, leading to personal contribution.
  • Mediated a matter regarding sexual abuse of a minor and negligence against a coach and local, regional and national athletic associations, focused on failures to provide adequate sexual abuse prevention training to athletes and their parents.
  • Mediated an automobile-motorcycle collision as automobile exited parking lot and motorcycle was traveling in the right lane of the street. Motorcyclist was thrown a considerable distance and suffered devastating disabling traumatic brain injury with considerable loss in employment and income.
  • Mediated a dispute where plaintiff alleged injuries after exposure to sewage and toxic chemicals while cleaning the bathroom after a sewage overflow in a retail coffee shop. Defendants claim plaintiff suffered no injuries and all medical expenses and recovery days off were covered by workers’ compensation.
  • Mediated a rear end automobile collision resulting in personal injury to plaintiff.
  • Mediated a automobile traffic light accident resulting in personal injuries to the plaintiff.
  • Mediated a dog bite case involving a German shepherd that allegedly leaned out an automobile window and bit the owner of an adjoining automobile in a supermarket parking lot.
  • Mediated a matter where plaintiff entered a retail restaurant to order lunch, and while doing so, a hatch to the basement was opened behind him. When he turned, he fell headfirst into the hole, severely injuring his shoulder and tearing his rotator cuff.
  • Mediated a matter regarding high speed collision on Interstate 680, totaling Plaintiff’s automobile and causing significant head, neck and upper back injuries.
  • Mediated a negligence claim against national youth soccer association for failure to conduct background check concerning a coach who sexually abused a minor female soccer player over a 10 month period, alleging that the background check would have revealed a disqualifying domestic violence conviction.
  • Mediated negligence and punitive damages claim arising when a fully loaded 18 wheel tractor trailer rig traveling at over 50 miles per hour drove into a line of cars at a stop light on SR-152 near Gilroy, CA, killing one driver and severely injuring the drivers and passengers in two other cars. The truck driver suffered from uncontrolled diabetes.
  • Mediated product liability wrongful death case based on defective design, manufacturing and failure to warn, and medical malpractice claim arising from surgery using a robotic device which lead to stomach injury and death.
  • Mediated wrongful death action arising from a large tandem fully loaded dump truck running over a teenager riding his bicycle to high school. Defendants included the trucking companies and general contractor.
  • Mediated medical malpractice case arising from a Whipple surgical procedure on decedent’s pancreas which resulted in excessive bleeding and death.
  • Mediated medical malpractice action arising from endoscopic carpal tunnel release surgery using ultrasound imaging, resulting in severing of the median nerve.
  • Mediated elder care abuse and reckless neglect case brought against a nursing home due to falls suffered by plaintiff.
  • Mediated a matter where plaintiff slipped and fell in defendants’ shopping establishment, suffering substantial pain in lower back and neck areas, eventually undergoing fusion surgery on three disks. Liability, causation and damages were contested.
  • Mediated a claim for negligence and inadequate security by hotel customers against the hotel owners and its private security contractor arising from a serious physical altercation between the plaintiffs and another customer leading to significant physical injury to the plaintiffs.
  • Mediated rear end automobile intersection collision with conflicting accounts of the movement of the vehicles prior to the accident.
  • Mediated intersection collision in Santa Clara CA between an SUV driven by plaintiffs and a large commercial truck driven by defendant, causing significant injuries to driver and passenger of the SUV.
  • Mediated vehicle accident on Highway 101 involving a sideswipe between a passenger car and a commercial tractor-trailer rig leading to personal injuries and property damage.
  • Mediated slip and fall involving a customer who slipped on a wet spot in a restaurant within a large department store, causing complex regional pain syndrome.
  • Mediated vicious dog bite attack by pit bull against a man walking his dog who lost part of his finger.
  • Mediated automobile accident at Shoreline Drive in Mountain View at HW 101, leading neck, back and head injuries, causing plaintiff, a computer consultant, to lose sales.
  • Mediated negligence action arising from a two-car accident in which a catering truck backed into a minivan, with significant dispute over level of injuries.
  • Mediated negligence action arising from automobile left turn striking pedestrian in a cross walk, causing her to hit the pavement face down, leading to extensive damage to her teeth, leading to multiple oral surgeries and the need for lifetime care.
  • Mediated battery claim filed by one employee of a retail establishment against husband of co-owner. There was a dispute whether release in a prior Labor Code action against the establishment and spouse covered this matter.
  • Mediated claims occurring when plaintiff restaurant owner suffered slip and fall in wholesale food store, due to a significant crack and hole in the floor which caused her to fall, suffering significant neck injury from a herniated disk, resulting in cervical fusion surgery and long term debilitating neck, shoulder, arm and hand pain.
  • Mediated dog bite case by prospective housekeeper who was interviewing for a position and was bitten in the chest area by Rottweiler owned by defendants, leaving permanent scarring.
  • Mediated three-vehicle accident involving three services trucks in which one truck turned left in heavy traffic on a busy San Jose Street, colliding with a second truck and pushing it into the side of a third truck resulting in a serious back injury to a third driver, requiring surgery and rendering him unable to take care of his disabled wife.
  • Mediated slip and near fall by customer in a shower/tub of a bed and breakfast near Yosemite, CA which allegedly aggravated degenerative back condition, causing failed surgery and lingering pain.
  • Mediated side-swipe accident on Highway 101 between automobile and a tour bus, resulting in muscle and joint pain injuries.
  • Mediated rear end collision between two automobiles on US 101 off ramp towards SR 237resulting in low back injury.
  • Mediated rear end automobile collision with pickup truck owned by City of Sunnyvale, driven by a City of Sunnyvale employee.
  • Mediated personal injury claim by a bus passenger suffering back injury when transit bus hydroplaned, spinning and colliding with center median on a major San Jose street.
  • Mediated negligence claim arising from slip and fall arising from malfunctioning produce sprinkler in supermarket.
  • Mediated negligence claim arising from personal injury/premises accident when plaintiff slipped and fell and suffered a compound fracture of her tibia on black ice on a concrete walkway on residential property owned by defendant and rented to plaintiff’s daughter.
  • Mediated negligence claim based on a slip and fall where plaintiff sued landlord and tenant after a fall on a single step down to a fountain in the center atrium of an office building in Morgan Hill.
  • Handled a matter relating to an airbag manufacturer concerning an industrial accident that lead to the death of one worker and severe injuries to another.
  • Mediated comparative negligence action arising from motorcycle accident involving a used motorcycle refurbished by defendant, leading to excessive vibration and a crash, leading to extensive physical injuries.
  • Mediated negligence claims arising from a collision between an automobile and a motorcycle in San Jose. Liability admitted by defendant.
  • Mediated negligence claim arising from a collision between a motorcycle and an automobile on a hilly, curving road west of I-280, with significant injuries to the motorcyclist.
  • Mediated negligence claim arising from rear end accident in San Jose. Plaintiff suffered from chronic back, wrist and hip pain, having sought extensive medical treatment.
  • Mediated indemnity claim filed by one motorist against another involving damages paid to the passenger in one of the vehicles. The accident involved comparative negligence involving a left turning vehicle where both drivers claimed they had a green light.
  • Mediated rear end collision on SR-152. Minor damage to vehicle with soft tissue damage to plaintiff.
  • Mediated rear end collision in San Jose. Minor auto body damage and soft tissue damage to plaintiff.
  • Mediated negligence action where defendant made left turn into oncoming traffic and hit defendant’s vehicle head on, totaling both vehicles. Plaintiff developed severe headaches, lasting 5 years at time of conference, diagnosed at Kaiser with occipital neuralgia, treated with nortriptyline at triple the adult dose.
  • Mediated automobile parking lot collision case causing neck and back injuries to the plaintiff.
  • Mediated negligence claim arising from a vehicular accident between a bicycle and a van as defendant was turning into a parking lot in San Jose.
  • Mediated a slip and fall case in a produce section of a supermarket, leading to muscle strain and disk protrusion.
  • Mediated a wrongful death action brought by estate of deceased and serving parents against a tavern and its owners arising from death of their son who was punched by bouncer and hit his head on sidewalk and died within several hours.
  • Mediated an automobile-motorcycle collision case in which the auto swerved rapidly into a car pool lane in front of the motorcycle which could not avoid a collision, with the motorcyclist suffering herniated disk injuries in the collision.

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