Case Studies

Partnership and LLC Dissolutions

  • Arbitrated competing claims among LLC co-owners re expulsion of one member based on Alcohol and Tobacco and Tax Bureau investigation.
  • Mediated dissolution of a professional marriage and therapy practice LLC, focusing on application of buy sell clause leading to a negotiated buyout.
  • Mediated resolution of dissolution issues in a long term investment LLC with multiple real estate investments, leading to settlement agreement with long term payout over 7 years with significant interest payments.
  • Mediated dispute relating to the unwinding of a sale of a construction specialty business involving installation of air conditioning with settlement involving payment of sums due on a lease and transfer of a corporate name, contractor’s license and identification of a new Responsible Managing Member at the state licensing board .
  • Mediated dissolution and winding up issues between cattle ranch LLC and ranch owner, with allocation of certain equipment and payment of certain sums.
  • Arbitrated a claim among two owners of an LLC in a dispute over the interpretation of a right of first refusal on sale.
  • Mediated matter where two engineers formed an oral partnership to design and build blade server accessory parts for a computer company. After several years they tentatively agreed to part ways and terminate the partnership but disagreed on dissolution terms and also filed claims against each other for breach of fiduciary duty.
  • Mediated a multi-generational family partnership dispute concerning commercial real estate on a long-term lease to a commercial retail tenant. Some partners desired a dissolution or buyout while others preferred the income from the long-term lease with a sale at the end of the lease term.
  • Mediated a dispute where the parties entered into a partnership agreement to purchase with a bank loan a single-family residence which was leased to the daughter of one of the parties. Later the partnership agreement was modified to change the parties’ status and plaintiff executed a grant deed to the defendants. Plaintiff claims that the grant deed was a sham and he remained a co-owner of the property, and seeks partition and sale of the property, and to quiet title.
  • Mediated business dispute among three members of two LLC’s, owning and operating a horse ranching business in Gilroy, CA each seeking dissolution and partition sale or division of the real estate and businesses, breach of contract and damages for breach of fiduciary duty.
  • Mediated partnership dissolution, accounting and fiduciary damages claims arising from the breakup of a partnership involving a ready-mix company.
  • Mediated partnership dissolution, accounting and breach of fiduciary duty claims arising from dissolution of oral partnership concerning the operation of a water and fore restoration business and a reconstruction company.
  • Mediated dissolution of two-person law firm, leading to a Partnership Dissolution and Settlement Agreement and a Limited Scope Co-Counsel Agreement re: future handling of worker compensation claims.
  • Mediated business divorce dispute concerning a family owned retail business, alleging dissolution, accounting, fraud, breach of fiduciary duty and conversion.
  • Handled many matters involving single and multiple partner departures and spinoffs, business partnership dissolutions, and creditors’ remedies against partnerships that dissolved, entered winding up or went into bankruptcy.
  • Handled related matters brought by over 100 investors in oil and gas limited partnerships sponsored by the same general partner, alleging $20 million in damages, based on securities racketeering and common law claims based on alleged misstatements in prospectuses.

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