Case Studies

Cannabis Disputes

  • Arbitrated a dispute involving a technology license concerning an alleged trade secret regarding hemp processing, whether this is actually a trade secret and underpayments by licensee.
  • Mediated dispute involving a hemp growing and processing agreement with competing breach allegations regarding the growth of the plants and the processing of the hemp.
  • Mediated intra-corporate dispute among stockholders, officers and employees of a cannabis processor which set up facility and secured licenses but never achieved production, disputing ownership interests and resulting in employee wage-hour and retaliatory discharge claims.
  • Arbitrated a dispute between a cannabis dispensary and a payment processor over alleged fraudulent transactions by customers and which party should bear the loss.
  • Mediated landlord-tenant commercial lease dispute regarding a warehouse to be used for cannabis growing and dispensary, where a short term oral lease and contemplated investment by landlord were terminated, leading to landlord claims for loss of rent and damages to premises and tenant claims for fraud and breach of contract, claiming millions in lost profits and out of pocket losses.
  • Mediated a dispute arising from a common interest association of a commercial use condominium and two owners operating cannabis grow and dispensary facilities, allegedly in violation of rules set forth in CC&Rs and local, state and federal laws, and also constituting a nuisance.
  • Arbitrated a landlord-tenant commercial lease dispute regarding a cannabis dispensary, where the lease commenced at a time where only medical cannabis use was lawful, and lengthy expensive building improvements were made by the tenant. Eventually adult recreational use was approved by Prop 64 and embodied in a state statute and regulations. When the dispensary was ready to open, the tenant sought mandatory landlord consent to allow sales of adult recreational use cannabis, which was refused. The tenant brought claims for breach of lease, lost profits and damages relating to building improvements it claimed were the responsibility of the landlord, and the landlord brought claims for breach of lease for failing to pay rent during the pandemic and other claims.

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