Case Studies


  • Mediated a billing dispute between travel nurse provider and three skilled nursing facilities, with allegations of timekeeping irregularities and non-payment of significant sums over a long period.
  • Mediated dispute between medical practice with workers compensation patients and medical records and billing software provider with allegations that vendor had promised automated completion of patient information into an electronic medical records platform using a “smart form” which was never achieved leading to breach of contract, fraud and gross negligence allegations due to excessive costs caused by the need for manual entries, with limitation of liability clause issue.
  • Mediated alleged whistleblower termination dispute relating to patient care and safety issues involving a registered nurse and county correctional facility.
  • Mediated a medical billing dispute between a health care provider hospital and a county health plan involving disputed claims reflecting lack of authorization, emergency room and patient stabilization charges, duplicate billing of bundled charges and disputes over disallowed charges by a hospital bill audit firm.
  • Mediated a health care dispute arising from billing for skilled nursing facilities for which the parties did not have a written agreement.
  • Mediated medical malpractice case arising from a Whipple surgical procedure on decedent’s pancreas which resulted in excessive bleeding and death.
  • Mediated product liability wrongful death case based on defective design, manufacturing and failure to warn, and medical malpractice claim arising from hospital surgery using a robotic device which lead to stomach injury and death.
  • Mediated elder care abuse and reckless neglect case brought against a nursing home due to falls suffered by plaintiff.
  • Mediated medical malpractice action arising from endoscopic carpal tunnel release surgery using ultrasound imaging, resulting in severing of the median nerve
  • Mediated post-verdict in wrongful termination whistleblower lawsuit by child psychiatrist at a county medical center which resulted in a $1.5 million verdict.
  • Mediated alleged patient safety whistleblower claims by a doctor against county medical center for wrongful termination and failure to provide reasonable accommodations post injury.
  • Handled related matters in which healthcare reimbursement firms alleged that several medical practices engaged in systematic overcharging.
  • Handled a matter in which four states alleged that a generic drug manufacturer committed state false claims act violations through an average wholesale pricing scheme.
  • Handled a matter among three doctors where one alleged that the others committed fraud and breach of fiduciary concerning his sale to them of his one third interest in a surgery center by concealing it regulatory status and right to reimbursements from Medicare and Blue Cross.
  • Handled a breach of contract matter between a cardiologist and a manufacturer of a CT scanner that was not producing images of sufficient quality to be used for diagnostic purposes, with competing claims of product defect and improper usage and training of the operators, with $3 million in damages.

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