Case Studies


  • Mediated alleged whistleblower termination dispute relating to patient care and safety issues involving a registered nurse and county correctional facility.
  • Mediated dispute between a high ranking minority administrator in county jail system and county, with allegations of racial discrimination and termination for whistleblower activities.
  • Mediated an action by a school district against a retired school board member who had allegedly been overpaid retirement benefits by a mistake made by the district.
  • Mediated intra-corporate dispute among stockholders, officers and employees of a cannabis processor which set up facility and secured licenses but never achieved production, disputing ownership interests and resulting in employee wage-hour and retaliatory discharge claims.
  • Mediated matter where chief technology officer whistleblower alleged that he was terminated by defendant after raising issues and concerns about allegedly improper billing practices. He sought back and front pay, emotional distress damages and attorneys’ fees.
  • Mediated alleged violation of a non-solicitation agreement by a client which terminated a servicing agreement and later hired employees of the service provider which had approached the client seeking employment.
  • Mediated matter where a sports coach at a junior college sued for disability discrimination, failure to engage in. Interactive process, and failure to accommodate based on herniated disk injured at work. The college required that he drive the team bus, often over long distances. He was eventually terminated due to damage to an athletic field by his team.
  • Mediated a DFEH claim for national origin discrimination brought by a night shift janitor who was terminated for spending time in security monitoring room instead of performing his responsibilities.
  • Mediated appeal from award to worker by the State Labor Commissioner against HVAC construction contractor for failure to provide mandatory rest breaks, leading to rest break premium pay, interest and waiting time penalties.
  • Mediated whistleblower and disability discrimination claims brought by a doctor against a county hospital. Her conditional privileges were extended from one year to two years. Subsequently she injured her leg and alleged that her employer failed to provide reasonable accommodations, resulting in constructive discharge.
  • Mediated employment breach of contract and patient safety whistleblower claims brought by terminated pediatric physician specializing in child abuse cases against a county hospital.
  • Mediated a wrongful termination dispute brought by a female Global HR Director against a US based multinational company. Plaintiff alleged, Equal Pay Act substantive and retaliation claims, gender discrimination, whistleblower and public policy Tameny claims.
  • Mediated a wrongful termination dispute brought by long term manager who sued for wrongful termination based on alleged retaliation in violation of the California Family Rights Act.
  • Mediated an employment dispute alleging disability discrimination, retaliatory termination after a complaint to HR, and fraudulent inducement of employment.
  • ​Mediated breach of contract claim brought by college sports coach based on deductions from termination without cause payment sum due to new employment, allegedly violating prior representations.
  • Mediated alleged patient safety whistleblower claims by a doctor against county medical center for wrongful termination and failure to provide reasonable accommodations post injury.
  • Mediated action by office manager against firm which terminated her and its owner, alleging discrimination based on sex and race hostile work environment, quid pro quo sexual harassment and whistleblower retaliation.
  • Mediated cryptocurrency and Blockchain dispute involving competing claims between former employees and startup developer of Blockchain software and infrastructure arising from alleged failure of the developer to pay compensation and allocate tokens from an Initial Coin Offering. The parties had competing claims for copyright infringement of a software program, promissory estoppel, wage claims, conversion, theft and unlawful computer intrusion.
  • Mediated post-verdict in wrongful termination whistleblower lawsuit by child psychiatrist at a county medical center which resulted in a $1.5 million verdict.
  • Mediated employment action by county financial executive alleging whistleblower retaliation, discrimination, and harassment.
  • Mediated wage hour claims on appeal from Labor Commissioner ruling concerning unpaid overtime, minimum wage violations, meal and rest break violations, inaccurate itemized wage statement, sick leave violation.
  • Mediated battery claim filed by one employee of a retail establishment against husband of co-owner. There was a dispute whether release in a prior Labor Code action against the establishment and spouse covered this matter.
  • Mediated claims by a former employee against chiropractor for sexual assault, battery, harassment and constructive wrongful discharge.
  • Mediated a negligence claim against national youth soccer association for failure to conduct background check concerning a coach who sexually abused a minor female soccer player over a 10 month period, alleging that the background check would have revealed a disqualifying domestic violence conviction.
  • Mediated whistleblower retaliation alleged wrongful termination lawsuit by child psychiatrist at a regional medical center, with the defendants alleging that he was terminated for valid independent cause reasons.
  • Mediated a wage-hour class action and PAGA action by commissioned traveling salespersons alleging damages for under-reimbursement of travel expenses through incorrect method, wage stub violations and failure to provide properly completed commission agreements, plus Labor Code and PAGA penalties.
  • Mediated a sexual harassment, constructive discharge and retaliation claim brought by male business development manager against female business owner.
  • Mediated employment action involving disputed sales commissions allegedly owed to an EU citizen arising from international sales of computer services in China and Europe. Plaintiff alleged that defendant had fraudulently changed commission schedules and wrongfully terminated him to avoid paying the commissions.
  • Mediated wage hour claims against a retail business for failure to pay for overtime, meal breaks and rest breaks, failure to provide pay stubs.
  • Mediated conversion claim by business owner against his office manager for embezzlement of funds and cross complaint for sexual harassment based on unwanted sexual advances.
  • Handled multiple matters involving claims of employee violations of non-compete and non-solicitation agreements and alleged theft of trade secrets.
  • Handled a matter involving a roofing contractor alleged to have made systematic underpayments to the state workers’ compensation insurance fund.
  • Handled a matter involving a federal qui tam false claims and state law retaliation claims action by a whistleblower alleging $22 million in damages and penalties against a defense subcontractor, involving alleged irregularities in time entries and accounting relating to a large U.S. Department of Homeland Security project.
  • Mediated a former employee claim for underpayment of wages based on improper rounding down of hours over three years by floral nursery and interruption of meal times twice per week during the same period, plus penalties.
  • Mediated a former employee claim alleging that her former restaurant employer unlawfully terminated her due to her pregnancy, failed to pay overtime, provide meal and rest breaks, provide proper wage statements, and was liable for waiting time penalties, liquidated damages and attorneys’ fees.
  • Mediated former office manager employee claims against professional firm for disability discrimination, failure to provide meal and rest periods, failure to pay overtime premiums, waiting time penalties, and failure to provide accurate earnings statements.
  • Mediated former restaurant employees claims in a trial de novo on appeal from Labor Commissioner award concerning unpaid overtime, minimum wage, meal breaks, rest breaks, pay stub violations, waiting time payments, liquidated damages, and prejudgment interest.

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