Qui Tam & False Claims Act

  • Handled a matter involving a federal qui tam false claims and state law retaliation claims action by a whistleblower alleging $22 million in damages and penalties against a defense subcontractor, involving alleged irregularities in time entries and accounting relating to a large U.S. Department of Homeland Security project.

  • Handled a matter in which four states alleged that a generic drug manufacturer committed state false claims act violations through an average wholesale pricing scheme.

  • Handled a matter in which state and local governments alleged that a national retail chain committed false claims act violations through pricing irregularities.

  • Mediated a False Claims Act matter where the relator alleged a double invoicing scheme involving U.S. Customs forms whereby imported products were allegedly labeled as one product at a lower value for customs purposes, then allegedly re-labeled as a different product at a higher value for shipment to customers. The relator also alleged that the defendant falsely stated that a foreign exporter and the U.S. importer were unrelated when in fact they were parent and subsidiary.