Partnership Dissolution

  • Mediated a multi-generational family partnership dispute concerning commercial real estate on a long-term lease to a commercial retail tenant. Some partners desired a dissolution or buyout while others preferred the income from the long-term lease with a sale at the end of the lease term.

  • Mediated a dispute where the parties entered into a partnership agreement to purchase with a bank loan a single-family residence which was leased to the daughter of one of the parties. Later the partnership agreement was modified to change the parties’ status and plaintiff executed a grant deed to the defendants. Plaintiff claims that the grant deed was a sham and he remained a co-owner of the property, and seeks partition and sale of the property, and to quiet title.

  • Mediated business dispute among three members of two LLC’s, owning and operating a horse ranching business in Gilroy, CA each seeking dissolution and partition sale or division of the real estate and businesses, breach of contract and damages for breach of fiduciary duty.

  • Mediated partnership dissolution, accounting and fiduciary damages claims arising from the breakup of a partnership involving a ready-mix company.

  • Mediated partnership dissolution, accounting and breach of fiduciary duty claims arising from dissolution of oral partnership concerning the operation of a water and fore restoration business and a reconstruction company.

  • Mediated dissolution of two-person law firm, leading to a Partnership Dissolution and Settlement Agreement and a Limited Scope Co-Counsel Agreement re: future handling of worker compensation claims.

  • Mediated business divorce dispute concerning a family owned retail business, alleging dissolution, accounting, fraud, breach of fiduciary duty and conversion.

  • Handled many matters involving single and multiple partner departures and spinoffs, business partnership dissolutions, and creditors’ remedies against partnerships that dissolved, entered winding up or went into bankruptcy.

  • Handled related matters brought by over 100 investors in oil and gas limited partnerships sponsored by the same general partner, alleging $20 million in damages, based on securities racketeering and common law claims based on alleged misstatements in prospectuses.