Intellectual Property, Trade Secrets, Technology

  • Mediated a legal malpractice action allegedly arising from negligent drafting of claim language in a cybersecurity patent, allegedly leading to loss of royalties from private cloud providers.\\\\

  • Mediated a trade secret theft and breach of fiduciary case arising from diversion of customers, corporate opportunities, accounts receivable, inventory and equipment with cross complaint for trade libel.

  • Mediated cryptocurrency and Blockchain dispute involving competing claims between former employees and startup developer of Blockchain software and infrastructure arising from alleged failure of the developer to pay compensation and allocate tokens from an Initial Coin Offering.  The parties had competing claims for copyright infringement of a software program, promissory estoppel, wage claims, conversion, theft and unlawful computer intrusion.

  • Handled a matter between U.S. and Chinese medical device manufacturers, relating to competing $100 million patent infringement, international sales contract and antitrust claims.

  • Handled a matter involving patent infringement claims and antitrust counterclaims between two developers of software solutions that enhance the performance and capabilities of IBM Cognos business intelligence software.

  • Handled a matter between an inventor of new direct emulsion plate technology and a startup technology company concerning breach and rescission of an Intellectual Property Purchase and Sale Agreement.

  • Handled a matter involving trade secret theft, unfair competition, interference with contract and other business torts arising from the movement of a manager from one company to another in the car stereo accessory products industry.

  • Handled a matter involving misappropriation of trade secrets and business torts relating to employee raiding in the computer network security industry.

  • Handled a trade secret matter between electronic discovery vendors involving breach of contract, misappropriation of trade secrets and breach of fiduciary duty.

  • Handled franchising dispute involving retail food restaurants alleging violations of the Lanham Act, trademark and service mark infringement and breaches of franchising agreements.

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