Online Terms of Service, Terms of Use Disputes

  • Arbitrated claims between an online product seller and an online selling platform for breach of the terms of service agreement and a counterclaim for fraud.

  • Arbitrated claims between an online retailer and an online payment processor and a credit card company for allegedly improperly terminating the claimant under the terms of service agreement for alleged improper activity, with a counterclaim for alleged damages caused by the allegedly improper activity.

  • Arbitrated claims concerning fees owed on a software licensing agreement in a clickwrap license including terms of service in a web application involving referrals of borrowers to lenders.

  • Arbitrated advertising technology dispute between on an online search company and a customer regarding a change of terms and conditions of use and service leading to advertisements being blocked from the platform.

  • Mediated Terms of Service dispute between an IT provider and a surgery center, focused on whether there was assent to the terns of service, length of any agreement and a liquidated damages clause, with counterclaim alleging fraud and overbilling.

  • Arbitrated two separate matters involving breach of terms of service contract claims by personal injury law firms against a firm offering online advertising services and generation of prospective client leads.